1993 Marathon H3-40 in Lansing, MI

Price Reduced + More Pics Added

Last Updated: 8/25/2019

Asking Price: $123,700 $107,000

1993 Lansing MI

Key RV Features

  • Model Year: 1993
  • Trim: Marathon H3-40
  • Length: 40FT
  • Odometer: 179,000
  • Engine: 8V-92 Detroit Diesel
  • Transmission: See Below

Listing Information

  • Ad Source: Direct
  • City/Area: Lansing
  • State/Region: Michigan
  • Contact Name: Tim Holmes
  • Phone: 517-862-1811
  • Email: [email protected]

Details, Pictures and Media

Prevost marathon H3-40 -Coach #0200

BUY IY NOW PRICE INCLUDES 4 NEW rear tag & drive tires along with free delivery…

  • ATTENTION CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS…you now have to have a class A license to drive a 45 foot RV in California…and this beautiful coach is ONLY 40N FEET LONG…no class A license required too drive this in California and you can get into all the state parks with a 40 foot RV as well..
  • Marathon coach has been an amazing company to deal with, you can call them 24/7 with any problems you might have, big or small they will always help you. i’ve taken my coach to them as well in Texas.
  • there customer service was second to none, even though I had a 1993 marathon, they treated me just the same.
  • Over the road A/C. factory installed -$20,000 option
  • 4 zoned / 4 cruise air HVAC A/C’ units as well
  • 4 zoned 12 volt heat ( for dry camping )or 110volt heat pump heat
  • Power tech 17.5 diesel generator, rear bedroom start/stop switch, front driver start/stop switch. Auto Gen start / stop as well-( to be used when dry camping, generator will automatically start when house batteries drop below 13volt. This will then charge the house and generator battery up to 14.5 volts and then shut off automatically.
  • Solar panel and charger for generator battery/ house Batterys.
  • 178,000 mi
  • 8V-92 Detroit diesel, Not to mention it is only $9,000 for a complete rebuild for this engine), series 60 engine is almost twice that . My other bus has 700,000 miles on it. Had to rebuild that engine at 550,000.
  • Custom 65k paint job, there is custom airbrushing inside the pint swirls as well, lighting bolts with water droplets.
  • Backup camera
  • Front door camera
  • Built in touch screen GPS / DVD player in dash.
  • Passenger 6 way adjustable electric seat.
  • Passenger air slide panel ( covers the entrance area to make it flush with the floor.
  • All 4 Windows open (2 in front and 2 in bedroom) with screens.
  • 7 new house batteries
  • 2- freedom series inverter / chargers.
  • 4 new coach batteries
  • Front steer tires new in 2017
  • Rear tag and drive tires, i can get all new ones installed for $1,500
  • New flooring in rear bedroom
  • ( bedroom is set up for a Quenn size bed or it can be converted as a day bed lounge area, which is seen in pics now.
  • Front living room has 2 matching leather chairs on passenger side.
  • Automatic water hose reel
  • 32 inch led tv in living room
  • 22 inch led in bedroom
  • 32 inch tv on outside bay ( all Tv’s have DVD players attached)
  • In motion satellite
  • 230 gallon gas tank
  • 200 gallon water tank
  • 100 gallon Grey tank
  • 100 gallon black tank
  • All electric coach no propane


  • Electric gaggenau cooktop in kitchen
  • Double sink
  • Garbage disposal on one side
  • Dishwasher
  • Trash compactor
  • Convection / toaster oven
  • Marathon gold lipped drinking glass’s in there own wall case
  • Side by side stainless steel mirrored fridge with ice maker and ice/ water dispenser.


  • Plumed and electrical is done for a washer / dryer.
  • Large walk in shower
  • Automatic fantastic fan over top the shower stall ( automatically turns on and off at the temp you set it for, automatically closes when it rains as well.
  • New black toilet. ( took out the unreliable air activated toilet)

Maintenance history.

  • All new wheel bearings-$10,000-OCTOBER 2015
  • Drive axle serviced oct 2015
  • New front & rear brake rotors -October 2015
  • New front & rear calipers & brake pads -October 2015.
  • Transmission serviced, new filter, pan dropped with new filter changed inside there as well. Refilled Tranny fluid back up with 14 gallons of new tran synd, every 30k mi since new
  • Oil changed and serviced every October
  • Both fuel filters replaced -every October and March.
  • Air filter replaced – every 3
  • All 4 cruise air AC’s topped of with refrigerant.
  • Over the road AC topped of as well.
  • All service records and Manuals will be given with coach as well. Records date back to original purchase. I am the 3 rd owner.

Delivery & payment

You could always have lemonsquad dot com ….come out and look at it for you. or I can take it to a local place  of your choice to have them look at it for you. I also have a professional prevost bus driver that can deliver it to you.

In the past i have had buyers pay to have a professional look at it, then fly into the Lansing international airport in Lansing Michigan. I  picked them up, they looked at the coach, okayed it, then we did the deal via wire transfer from your bank to mine, we signed the paperwork, you take the title with you. I dropped them back off at the airport and then we had the pro driver deliver it to you.

What i do is i take the money i make from acting, i buy used coaches, then i refurbish these coaches before putting them up for sale. Which includes engine & generator service, a/c, heat, flooring, update the TV`s and radios, window treatments, upholstery & make all the little things work as they should work. I give you a full walk thru that i have video taped for you for future reference, because there are so many things on these coaches to remember.

I simply love RV`s, especially class A Bus`s, they are by far the safest way to travel on the road, they build these buses like tanks, these chassis’s are made for commercial purposes and are held to a higher standard. if you don’t believe me, just google prevost bus crashes and then google class a rv crashes. its minddddddd blowing… take care, thanks for looking and GOD BLESS.

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  1. Greetings Mr. Holmes,
    Question(s): Do appliances such as Aqua Hot, dishwasher, generator, etc. have warranties possibly? Also, how does Marathon act toward older coaches in servicing them? Meaning are they a low priority in consideration, etc.?
    I may have interest in this particular coach.
    Thank you

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