1996 Marathon Chesterfield MO

No Longer Available

Last Updated: 5/19/15

Key RV Features:

Model Year: 1996
Trim: Marathon
Length: 45 FT
Odometer: 114k
• Engine: Detroit Diesel V8

Ad Information

Source: Craigslist
City/Area: Chesterfield
State/Region: Missouri
Asking Price: $1,25,000
Contact: No Longer Available

RV Details: Prevost, conversion by Marathon. (Look it up, they are THE best.) Detroit Diesel Series 60 engine. Very low miles: 115,000 miles. Allison 6 speed automatic industrial transmission. Stainless body. Luxury interior. Bus runs great. Interior in good condition. Never smoked in. Exterior in good condition. Both interior and exterior could use TLC, but nothing a handy person couldn’t manage. If I was willing to do $25,000 worth of upgrades and work on the coach, it’d be worth $175,000. Offering for $125,000 to for a DIY deal. But nothing major needs work. I used the coach personally for 6 years, touring the country as a family musician. Below is a full description. May list on other sites as well. Text for a showing. NO PAYPAL OFFERS.


1996 Prevost Marathon Conversion
$125,000 as is, where is. (Chesterfield, MO)

If you are looking at buying a Prevost, you probably already know that they are top of the line. What you may not know is that there is a vast difference between the different conversions. Simply put, there are two top of the line Prevost conversions: Liberty and Marathon. The following information will detail my family’s custom built Marathon conversion, which, at the time it was manufactured, was the most expensive and uniquely equipped Marathon Prevost every built.

This bus comes with hard to find luxuries such as:

POWER SEWER HOSE which extends and retracts with the push of a button (or use the remote control) and then seals 100% to dump station using an air activated diaphragm, allowing you to dump your tanks without one single drop escaping or even the slightest smell emanating. By the time my friends with standard sewer lines have their lines hooked up, I am already done. And without any mess. This line is even self cleaning and stays minty fresh.

POWER REEL ELECTRIC LINE, which automatically extends, retracts, and stores the massive 50 AMP electric line. (have you ever tried to lift or store a 1.5 inch diameter, 50 foot long power cord? I haven’t… but I bet it would be tough.) Also uses remote control.

AUTO REEL WATER LINE, which is always connected to your fresh water carbon filter, allowing you to simply pull the hose out of its “hole” and quick connect it to any potable water source. A slight tug sends the hose neatly back into its storage place.

FULL CLOTHES WASHER AND SEPARATE DRIER!!! A top of the line set made by ASKO (of Sweden) including a front load, stainless steel washer and a separate front load, stainless steel drier. Both of which work better than the machines we have in our home.

OVER THE ROAD AIR CONDITIONING. Ok, this may not sound that interesting to you, unless you have owned a bus without OTR air. Trust me when I say YOU WANT THIS feature…. even if you buy another bus, please, get OTR air. In case you didn’t already know, here is what it does. OTR air is a separate, engine driven air conditioning system designed to cool the living areas of the bus as you travel down the road. If you don’t have OTR Air, you still can keep the driver cool using the “dash air conditioner,” but the rest of the bus will get dangerously hot on any sunny day that is warmer than 65 degrees. (These busses are, after all, giant solar collectors with all the stainless steel and glass.) So without OTR Air, you will have to turn on your generator and run your household AC units just to keep the bus from overheating. Problem is, most of these household units are not designed to be used when running down the road and frequently shut down due to excessive heat. OTR air is a very expensive option and many busses do NOT have this option.

HUGE CAROUSEL CLOSET. Most buses have very little clothes storage. This bus has a motorized dry cleaners style carousel in the rear bedroom. So yes, you can bring ALL of your clothes.

TOP OF THE LINE, 6 SPEED, ALLISON WORLD TRANSMISSION WITH JAKE BRAKE, AND DEROIT DIESEL, SERIES 60 DIESEL ENGINE. Not all busses have this 6 speed option. Many have paired the DD Series 60 with a 5 speed Allison. These busses are often advertised with a recently rebuilt engine because for some reason, the 5 speed transmission and the DD Series 60 do not get along very well, causing them to throw a rod. I would sooner buy the Detroit Diesel 8V92 engine (the series 60’s predecessor) than I would the upgraded Series 60 engine if it was paired with a 5 speed transmission.

AIR LEVELING SYSTEM. This ingenious system allows you to pull into any parking space, level or not and tilting in any direction, and with the push of a button, level the coach to perfectly flat. This does NOT use outriggers to push the coach up or down (which often freeze to the ground and are NOT allowed in most paved parking lots). Instead, the coach uses its airbags (also responsible for the extra smooth ride) to raise or lower the coach until it is level and flat.

EVERYTHING ELSE ON THIS BUS IS STANDARD ISSUE, and is common on all Marathon and Liberty Conversions. Liberty busses tend a bit more towards fancy, opulent interiors, while marathons are a bit more sleek and stylish. But in both cases, the convertors used top of the line electronics, plumbing, and furnishings, and gave tremendous attention to the carpentry, detail, fit and finish.

Our bus has all of the following….

1996 Prevost, Marathon XLV
45 feet long
Detroit Diesel Series 60 Engine
Allison 6 Speed, World Transmission
Very easy to drive (both my wife and I drive it.)
Never smoked in.
No pets ever.
Smells neutral (no air fresheners or deodorizers used. It smells clean and fresh because we keep it clean and fresh.)

Howard Power Steering (keeps the bus on the road in heavy wind.)
Rear View Camera. (color, panoramic view)
Jake Brake (keeps the bus moving slowly down the mountain without using your brakes. Yes, you need this!)
Pilote Micheline tires. (2 tires are ready to be replaced)
Remote Tire Pressure Monitoring System.
Fancy leather drivers seat (ISRI) with air cushioning, and many other adjustments.
Tow hitch and tow light connections.

Custom paint (blue tones) in excellent condition.
Security system.
Spot light.
Air Horns (VERY LOUD!!)
Running lights.
Docking lights.
Enclosed satellite dish on roof, for Direct TV. (Matching blue, low profile.)
Various Antennae.
Polished Alcoa Wheels.
Zipdee Full Awning Package, including massive patio awning. (Basically, every window has an easy to extend awning.)
Power, heated mirrors

PASSENGER SIDE BAYS (all have interior lights.)
#1: Empty, two large drawers.
#2: Empty, large slide out tray.
#3: TV, Stereo, Outdoor Entertainment system and full cabinet with 5 large drawers.
#4: Plumbing Bay with 2, 10.5 gallon water heaters, and two pumps.

DRIVERS SIDE BAYS (all have interior lights.)
#1: Massive 20 KW, PowerTech generator on slide out tray (for easy maintenance) and airbags (for vibration free operation and low sound.) Sound insulated with remote radiator, remote start option, local start option, and insulated battery box (batteries connected to solar panel on roof for constant trickle charge AND are charged by generator.) Batteries are new.
#2: Inverters, large slide out tray, auxiliary air compressor, electric breakers.
#3: Storage
#4: plumbing bay with faucet, carbon water filter, dump valves, etc.

One of the things I love about a Marathon is the many different ways you can heat and cool the coach. While it may sound overwhelming, each makes perfect sense and is very simple to operate.

The Webasto system is a heater. It heats the coach in one of two different ways. It is a diesel fuel fired heater, which draws diesel from you fuel tanks and heats your coach. It also provides heat to the coach by taking excess engine heat and turning into heat for the domestic living space. Conversely, the Webasto also keeps your engine warm in the winter when you are parked, allowing for easy starts in even the most freezing weather. (otherwise you would have to plug in to start your coach!) The Webasto also heats your domestic hot water in the same two methods. (Yes, it heats your domestic hot water every time you drive down the road.) It is a simple, inginious system that will keep you very warm.

ELECTRIC HEATERS: If you are plugged in at a campsite and don’t want to use your diesel fuel to heat your coach, simply turn on the electric baseboard heaters for plenty of “free” heat. You can also use these heaters when your generator is on.

Not that you would need it, but you can also heat the coach with the OTR Air. Like a heat pump, you can also set it to heat while you are driving down the road. However, the Webasto does such a good job, this is not really necessary.

Dash heat, like in your car, will keep the driver plenty warm as well.

As far as AC goes, I have already described the Over the Road Air conditioning above as well as the Driver’d Dash Air. When you are stopped, and it is hot, this bus is equipped with three large residential style air conditioners (and heaters). They are call “Cruisair Units” which makes you think they would be used when cruising down the road. This is not the case. These are regular old household AC units. They live under the bus, hidden away, and very quite. You used these units either when you are plugged in to electricity OR when you have the generator on. They keep the bus FREEZING cold OR, if set to heat the bus, toasty warm. Each unit has a computerized control panel with many different settings.

Last, but not least, the bus has many windows that open up and a very powerful exhaust fan to draw in outside air. You can only use this option when you are parked though.

You live in this coach like you live in your house. 6 massive batteries (recently replaced with top-of-the-line LIFELINE batteries) power two larger inverters. Your fridge is plugged into the wall and runs like it does at home. Hair drier? No problem. Plug it in and go. Computer, TV, DVD player, etc. Everything runs off the batteries and two large inverters. If your batteries get low, don’t worry, the generator can be set to start by itself and charge the batteries back up. The batteries also get a full charge from huge 270 amp alternator every time you drive down the road. Under normal use, as long as you are driving for a few hours every day, you can usual go about 12-16 hours before the batteries need a charge. Or, if you are plugged in at a campground, you can use their electricity while also getting your batteries charged without running your generator. The ONLY items aboard that require you to run your generator for use are the washer, the drier, the electric heaters, and the electric cooktop. Microwave and fridge can be used without running the generator as they have a large inverter dedicated just for their use.


Covered carpet
tons of storage
Radio, CD, Tape player
Rear View Camera
heated mirrors

Corian Countertops with built in, two bowl sink.
Nice, pull out, faucet.
Water purifier. (Yes, you can drink the water from this spout!)
Corian Kitchen Table, seats 5, slides out of way.
Marble floors (white with gray streaks)
2 burner, Gaggnu Glass Cooktop with Infrared quick heating elements.
Jenn-Air Fridge. (Full size, residential, side by side unit with water and ice maker. Mirrored.)
Microwave oven.
Trash Compactor.
LOTS of cabinet space and plenty of storage for a full residential kitchen’s contents.

Sleeper sofa with huge storage drawer.
Large, leather electric reclining chair.
Passenger seat turn to fact living room area and also has electrical recliner and seat adjustments.
file cabinet.
computer desk, printer, electrical outlets. (standard household electricity throughout!)
Sony TV
Bose sound system with surround sound and remote controlls.
10 CD changer
DVD player
VHS player (what’s that?)
2 end tables
lots of storage drawers, cabinets, etc.
grey carpet
Air operated step well cover. (carpeted). Strong enough to jump on.
Mirrored ceiling. (Sounds a little kinky, but actually really adds to the open feeling of this room.)
Two kinds of window shades: black out shades as well as mini-blinds on every window.
Fiber optic rope lighting throughout coach
Overhead fluorescent lighting (very bright) throughout coach.
Overhead halogen lighting throughout coach. (Very bright but on dimmers. Very nice!)
4 lighting fixtures on wall with colored glass cover.

Marble floors.
Sliding doors for privacy.
Residential style toilet (actually works quite well. NO ODOR WHATSOEVER!)
Huge shower
lots of storage for bathroom items
full hanging closet
huge clothes closet w/ 6 long shelves (for folded clothing)
full washer and drier (Asko, Stainless Steel, high efficiency units.)
Marble floors
lots of mirrors.
Great lighting.
Standard household electrical outlets throughout
“Fantastic” vent fan (exhaust or intake, auto close if it rains, etc.)

Queen sized bed
under bed storage (huge area) Bed is on air springs to lift it up easily.
Reading lights.
Mirrored ceiling (Ok, this one might have been installed to make the room seem bigger, but come on… a mirror over the bed?)
Great lighting.
Black out window shades
Mini blinds
Sony TV
Carousel Closet with room for queen bed. Makes for a large bunk area
6 large dresser drawers for folded clothing.
Lots of storage.
Standard household electrical outlets throughout
All household functions (generator, lights, etc) can be monitored and controlled from both the back bedroom and the drivers area.

Finally, I will go ahead and tell you everything about the bus that is NOT in perfect condition.

All mechanical systems are A- condition. The bus is almost ready to go from coast to coast. An oil change, a tub of grease, top the Air Conditioners off with freon (or whatever it’s called) and have the air ride system serviced or DIY. (It’s not hard.) Two new drive tires would be a good investment. And there is a dented piece of stainless steel that I have all parts to replace. Just never got to it. FYI, a Detroit Diesel Series 60 gets excellent fuel economy, is designed to go over 1 MILLION MILES before a rebuild, and only needs oil changes ever 10,000 miles.)

The living room couch has needed re-upholstury even before we bought the bus. So does the dining booth in the kitchen. We never got around to re-upholsturing these items because we just put a cover over the couch, and the booth in the kitchen didn’t bother us. The carpet in the living room is old and it shows it. Again, it could easily be replaced, but we just put down rugs over the top of it and kept a small vacuum aboard to keep those clean.

There is some small cosmetic stuff to consider on the outside of the coach. There are some small dings in the front of the bus. All busses have these dings. They are not very noticeable, but the front stainless steel panel is not 100% perfect. (Having looked at dozens of busses over the years, I can tell you that none of them are.)
There is a dent in the stainless along the side of the bus. I have all parts.

That is EVERYTHING that is wrong with the bus.

Happy Shopping.



1996 Chesterfield MO

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