1998 Marathon Coach 45FT in Gig Harbor, WA


Last Updated: 9/8/2021

Asking Price: $159,000

1998 gig harbor wa

Key RV Features

  • Model Year: 1998
  • Trim: Marathon Coach
  • Length: 45FT
  • Odometer: 192,800
  • Engine: 6 Cylinder
  • Transmission: Automatic

Listing Information

  • Ad Source: Craigslist
  • City/Area: Gig Harbor
  • State/Region: Washington
  • Contact Name: Expired
  • Phone: Expired
  • Email: Expired

Details, Pictures and Media

• We are selling our 1998 Marathon Coach #0476.

Our family has loved it and so will yours. When we were shopping for a coach my wife new exactly what she wanted and so did I. We have owned class A, fifth wheel and travel trailers. My wife wanted lots of interior storage, washer/dryer, dishwasher and tanks big enough to use them when boon docking for a couple of weeks. I wanted a coach that is a pleasure to drive, safe reliable and serviceable anywhere we are going while getting decent mpg. The paint shows like new with zero fade and very few scratches. The stainless steel is polished and looking great. The coach was stored indoors it’s entire life until four months ago. It doesn’t leak anywhere inside or out. Drives and operates as new. Recent oil change and service.

• If you are not familiar with Marathon Coach out of Coburg OR, let me explain. Marathon is a custom coach builder. Marathon starts with a brand new Prevost bus $750,000 then Marathon converts it to a Coach retailing new for this Coach at $1,800,000. Marathon produces around 24 coaches a year starting at $1.8 million to well over $2.5 million. Marathon has a lifetime tech that can be reached 24 hours a day seven days a week for any questions or concerns. This bus is equipped with the independent front suspension. Prevost busses started manufacturing independent front suspension in 1997. This is also one of the last years of the riveted construction for the outside. The newer buses 2001 and up laminate the outside. The early laminated busses had delamination issues that are very expensive to fix, because this bus is riveted exterior you have zero issues and it structurally stronger. Most importantly it has the 12.7L Detroit 60 Series engine and the Allison transmission The 60 Series engine was first introduced to Prevost in 1995. 1995 and later years are the most desirable. 1997-98 have the newer computer and are Detroit 60 Series are pre EGR, and don’t use DEF fluid. 1997 was the first year for Independent front suspension and one if the last years Riveted exterior.

• Marathon has a full wiring diagram as well all blueprints for each costum coach they manufacture. What this means if you have question on how something works on your coach you can call them anytime day or night. If you have a problem with anything on the coach and you need a workaround or your mechanic needs technical assistance it’s available anytime. I don’t of any other manufacture that has lifetime technical assistance for the life of the coach!

• Prevost bus company manufacturers buses for commercial use. Base price for a non slide Xl 45 bus is $750,000. Sounds expensive but these are the same busses used by rock stars, Greyhound and countless tour bus companies. With a service life for the engine transmission/drive train of 1,000,000 miles. Everything about Prevost is mind blowing. The skin and unibody/frame is stainless steel. That’s right the bus is made of stainless steel! Prevost has 24 hour roadside assistance meaning they will send a mobile mechanic to get you back on the road. Because Prevost is a commercial bus manufacturer they have to be reliable and easily serviceable with a network of factory Prevost service centers as well as mobile Prevost mechanics across America.

• When you captain the wheel of a Prevost bus its nothing like a class A motor home. The bus drives like it was meant to do this mile after easy mile. Not like an over loaded class A or C fighting wind, hills and bad roads shaking it apart. I have had two high dollar class A coaches and they drive nothing like a Prevost bus. With its front independent and full air suspension all the way around.

• Prevost drive train consists of the workhorse Detroit Series 60. This is the same engine as many of the big rigs on the road today. The Series 60 is serviceable by any commercial truck service center making it the perfect engine. This year is the pre DEF model meaning it pre emissions does and does not smoke or burn any oil runs like new! This engine is very simple to service and very reliable not like current diesels. If you talk to most diesel mechanics they will tell you that the Detroit Series 60 pre emissions engines are extremely reliable and inexpensive to maintain. Research Detroit Series 60 and you will discover why it’s called the most reliable workhorse of almost any big rig engine ever produced!

• DETROIT, Michigan – Detroit Diesel Corporation’s flagship Series 60 heavy-duty diesel engine was recently recognized by Diesel Power Magazine as the No. 2 ranked “Best Diesel Engine Ever” on a list compiled by the publication. The No. 1 ranking went to Rudolph Diesel’s first working diesel engine. Rudolph Diesel is considered the “father”

• The 12.7L Series 60 is amazing I never need more power and I get 10mpg while cruising very comfortably at 70mph. With over 485 hp and 1650lbs of torque it flys up hills and exhaust brake holds it steady down hill.

• The Allison Six Speed World automatic transmission is bullet proof and is electronically controlled. Allison is known for its reliability and with the 6 speed it’s always in the right gear and great gas mileage.

• The generator is a turbo diesel making 20 KW of electric power! In comparison an average generator in a rv is 5kw and a large one is 10kw. The generator can power everything that uses electricity on the coach at the same time. To put that in perspective the coach has 3 central ACs, 5 electric heaters, 2 hot water heaters, dishwasher, washer/dryer, eletric stove convection microwave oven and many outlets. The generator has an auto start feature that will automatically start if the house batteries fall below the required voltage. The generator has its own bay and is completely insulated and rides on its own airbags for a silent operation inside or outside of the coach. The generator has its own dedicated solar panel to keep its starting batteries always charged up. It’s so silent you don’t usually know it’s running when outside making it silent for your neighbors and when sitting outside. When inside the coach you rarely ever know when it is running. The generator runs off the diesel tank for the engine so it has plenty of fuel but is extremely economical.

• The coach has two 4000 watt inverters for a total of 8000 watts! If you compare that to any other coach, rv or trailer they might have a 1000 to 2000 watt inverters and can not run the AC. What this means is you can run 2 air conditioners, stove, dishwasher microwave or whatever you want. I can’t stress how convenient this is.

• Solar system was installed in April of 2021 and consist of ten 90 Watt Zamp solar panels for a total of 900 watts! Zamp solar is designed, engineered and manufactured in Bend OR. Zamp solar panels are the factory option for Airstream travel trailers. The Airstream has only one or two panels. The solar panels are the best in the business at $300 a piece. It has a Zamp solar charge controller that has an app for easy control and monitor. The solar system was installed so you don’t have to worry about keeping the coach plugged in to keep the batteries charged.

• The coach has eight 200 amp hour house batteries for a total of 1600 amp hours of power to run the inverters! The engine has four 200 amp hour chassis batteries to make sure it starts even when it’s below zero. The generator has two 70 amp hour batteries. The engine and house are 24 volt so incase your engine batteries are dead you can bush a jump start button on the dash and it will use house batteries to start the engine. The alternator on the engine recharges all the batteries at 270 amps when it is running. The batteries can be charged one of four ways. It can be charged from the solar panels, generator, shore power or engine alternator.

• The water tank is huge at 128 gallons of fresh water. The grey water tank is 88 gallons The black water tank is 66 gallons. You can dry camp/boondock for up to two weeks without draining or filling your tanks this is what makes this coach stand out from others when it comes to boon docking. The water bay is amazing it has manifolds for both hot and cold like a high-end modern house. It has two brand new 4 valve high flow water pumps. Each pump has its own switches so you only need to run one and the other is an auxiliary pump just incase. The coach has two 10.5 gallon hot water tanks totalling 21 gallons and they are also stainless steel polished to a mirror finish like the rest of the water bay! The hot water tanks can be heated one of 4 ways 110 volt AC, 12 volt DC, Wabasto heater or from the diesel engine. You can also heat the water with multiple sources at once making endless hot water if you choose.

Weather you are using city water hookup or the water pump on the coach you can’t tell because the pump is silent and is high flow with 55 pounds of pressure. The water bay even has a faucet for washing your hands as well as a garden hose hook up for washing the coach with its own water. The fresh water tank has a massive filter that is easily replaced. The freshwater has two ways of filling it either from the usual remove cap and put garden house in or much better way is when you have your hose hooked up to city water in a camp grounds or at home simply push either auto fill button on dash or in the water bay and it will shut off the water to the tank and keep you on city water once it’s filled. It does take some time to fill because the fresh water tank is 128 gallons! The gray water tank is 88 gallons and the black water tank is 61 gallons. These tanks are massive and have sensors on the outside of the tanks so they are always accurate and working. The water bay has its own heater so freezing temperatures are not a problem. We have used the coach in Bend OR in the dead of winter and no issues what so ever. Winterizing for storage is so simple and you don’t put any of that nasty glycol in the system. You don’t need a tech to winterize, just follow the super easy instructions in the owners manual.

Air conditioning. The coach has four air conditioners. It has three 14,000 BTU Cruise Air conditioners/heat pumps totaling 32,000 BTUs. They are the front, middle and rear of the coach. These are split units making them very quiet and efficient. Each unit has its own thermostat. Each unit works as a heat pump as well. Two of the Cruise Air can run off the inverter/batteries so you don’t have to start up the generator if you choose not to. The dash has the factory bus air conditioning and it works perfect for keeping the driver and passenger plenty cool with out turning on the other ACs.

The coach has four ways to heat. If you want to use the Cruise Air as heat pumps. You can use the 4 toe kick 1000 watt electric heaters. You can use the bus dash heat. You can use the Wabasto diesel heater. The Wabasto is basically a diesel fired boiler that uses four radiators located throughout the coach to heat. The water bay has its own dedicated 120 volt 1000 watt heater. You can run all of the heaters as the same time to instantly heat it up but we usually run the 120V toe kick heaters each one has its own thermostat as well. The Wabasto heater can also be used for heating the hot water tanks as well. The Wabasto heater also can be used to preheat the engine block for cold winter start ups. The engine also has a 120V block heater as well.

The Coach has many amenities. For keeping up with laundry it has a all in one washer vented dryer. Doing dishes is easy with its dishwasher. The kitchen and all the surfaces in the coach are Corian. There must be at least $20-30k in Corian its everywhere including some of the walls. The electric cook top is perfect for all your gourmet meals. The residential refrigerator is huge with plenty of room for extended trips. The convection microwave oven does double duty as microwave and convection oven. If you have a lot of hanging clothes you can either use the wardrobe closet or the massive electric clothes carousel that is is 7 feet wide and can easily hold 200 plus hanging clothes.

The coach has two separate bathroom vanities with sinks and huge mirrored medicine cabinets in each. The shower is solid Corian for years of leak free operation. The shower is a full size residential and feels like you are at home with such large tanks and endless hot water it’s a completely different experience than with most coaches. The cabinets are solid plywood not a single piece of particle board in the coach. All the cabinets are lined with a heavy duty material so you don’t have rattles from thing moving in the cabinets when driving, I mean all the cabinets. Almost every cabinet has a light that automatically turns on when you open them. Every light in or out of the bus has been converted to LED including tail lights, running lights and all interior lights.

The coach has lights everywhere in the Corian edging, window valances, dining table and so on. There are primary control switch panels in different locations. When you enter the coach just touch one button and all the overhead lights come on. When in bed hit the primary button and all the lights go off or on. When it comes storage it’s endless on the inside but if you need exterior storage the bays underneath are massive, we never say I wish we had more storage Did I mention even the 50 amp shore cord has a key fob to remotely unwind it or real it in to put it away all done with electric cord real. I could go on forever about the coach it’s in a completely different planet than RVs.

I did a lot of research before purchasing this particular coach and coach converter. Marathon Coaches has been around for a long time and stands behind there product. There construction is world class and they are just a phone call away to help you. Marathon has three different locations Oregon, Florida and Texas. The Coburg Oregon is where they are built and the they have a great YouTube channel that shows the construction and many other aspects of a Marathon Coach.

Everything works as it should and it’s ready to hit the road. Please don’t hesitate to call with any questions, if you can’t tell it’s kind of an obsession. Thank you for you consideration.

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