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Site Updates

Ad Updates for June 8th 2022

Hey Prevost RV Enthusiasts! We just updated the site with several listings including a new Featured ad from across the United States ranging from 1979 to 1999 model years. We also wanted to re-promote our […]

1993 baxley ga

1993 H3-45 in Baxley, GA

Prevost 45xl. Used to be Ronnie Milsap’s tour bus. Nice booming surround sound throughout. Queen size master bedroom, 6 bunks, and a fold down couch. 2 large LG central air units underneath and 2 newly […]

1985 Dodge City KS

1985 XL 40FT in Dodge City, KS

This bus started its life as the athletic bus for the local high school, transporting the various school sports teams around the state. It had a complete engine rebuild around 2007, and a year later […]